Product Care

How to care for your porcelain jewellery

The porcelain collection is made from unglazed porcelain clay which is what allows it to absorb all the essential oil goodness!

Over time, regular handling, putting it on or taking it off with a full face of make up, or just your skin's natural oils can discolour the lighter coloured beads. 

To clean we recommend regular soap and water and additionally an old toothbrush for make up stains. 

Start by running the necklace under warm water, work some soap in your hand and rub the necklace between your hands, if using a toothbrush you can lightly run the tooth brush over the beads. Rinse off with warm water and lay on a white towel to dry (coloured towels which are not colour fast may leech dye on to the necklace).

For really tough make up stains you can soak your necklace in an oxygen based cleaner, such as Vanish or Oxi Clean, for a few minutes. 

After it dries, seal it with a clear oil such as virgin coconut oil, clear avocado oil or even baby oil. This step keep the colours brighter and helps keep make up from sinking in. 

Regular cleaning prevents your porcelain jewellery from chipping- the same way it is recommended to use and wash 'fancy' china regularly the same goes for your jewellery! Porcelain is porous and can dry out and become brittle which is when its susceptible to chipping.

Hope this information helps! If you have more questions please feel free to contact me at